Wedding Videographer-Should You Hire One? 

Ask any Wedding Videographer if you should hire them and of course the answer is YES! But, why? What does a Wedding Videographer do and is it worth adding one to your budget? Well, as a Wedding Planner with more than a decade of experience I can tell you firsthand that couples who hire a videographer are very happy to have those memories afterward. In fact, I have a few couples who asked me after their wedding day to put together a short film for them of clips I took for my wedding planning training needs. That’s how much they regretted not hiring one. 

In fact, I did a little research. A December 2017 article from showed that 35% of couples regretted not hiring a wedding videographer for their wedding day. I can say from my personal experience, that it’s more like 50-75%. The most regretted item not booked on Facebook local community wedding pages is a videographer. (I run such a group and have held a few surveys.) So, what’s the big deal? Why should you hire a wedding videographer for your big day? Is it really worth the added expense? I think to answer that you need only ask yourself a few simple questions.

Ceremony Video
Ceremony Video

Will My Wedding Photos Be Enough? 

Most brides set aside a large portion of their wedding budget for professional photography. Those images are meant to tell the story of your celebration, but it’s an incomplete story. They say an image is worth a thousand words. Imagine the story your wedding video can tell. The photos from your wedding can’t capture the tear in the groom’s voice during his vows, nor can they show the pride in your father’s step as he leads you up the aisle. There are so many moments that even the best photographer can’t convey through that still image. Most regretful couples state that they thought wedding photography would be enough, but as the years go on and memories fade, they find that it wasn’t.

What Will My Wedding Videographer Capture For Me?

While every videographer is just a bit different, most understand the importance or your wedding ceremony. The moment is so intense and fast, that you usually don’t even remember getting up the aisle, let alone saying your vows in front of your family and closest friends. Your wedding videographer is going to be able to capture all that raw emotion for you to live over and over again. They are also able to follow you around during your formal photos capturing the pure excitement, emotion, and fun that happens behind the scenes while your photographer is posing you. Experience your first dance on every anniversary. Your videographer can even capture the well wishes and love of your guests during your reception if you wish. Those are heartfelt moments a card or gift can’t convey that you will treasure forever.

First Look Wedding Video
Wedding Videography
Cake Cutting Video

Will My  Videographer Capture People That Won’t Always Be With Us?

You’re going to have guests and family members that live far away or that we lose over time. Those video moments of the love and joy of your wedding day are priceless treasures that can’t be replaced or recreated. So many couples are grateful for having that last video of a great aunt or grandparent to look back on as they raise their own families and life moves forward. If planned ahead of time your wedding videographer can set time aside to film well wishes from your loved ones that you can watch every year as you celebrate your continued love for each other.

Is It Worth Hiring a Wedding Videographer? 

f your answers to these questions makes you yearn for a videographer to capture your day and preserve it in time forever for you, then it’s worth the expense to have one present at your day. I advise every couple that I have the pleasure of serving to create a wedding budget that allows you to spend more where it matters and lighten the load on the details that no one will remember. You can get by with less expensive flowers, invitations, wedding favors and cake, but the memories…once they are gone, they are gone forever. The vendors creating those moments like Coordinators and Disc Jockeys AND the vendors capturing them like Photographers and Videographers are essential to the LASTING success of your wedding day.

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Did you know that Erie Videography is part of a larger company offering every entertainment & perservation service you need for your Wedding or Special Event? We work together as a team to help Create & Capture YOUR Unique Memories. Please check out our other services and find out how to save on your wedding day by bundling services together. 

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Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be one of the most emotional and stressful times of your life. There are so many little details to remember from invitations (How do you even word those?) to planning the timeline for your day. That’s where we come in. We’re here to turn your Wedding Vision into a wonderful reality.

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Erie Photography offers everything from Wedding & Event Photography to portrait sessions like newborn, senior pictures, headshots and more. We are there to capture every pivotal moment of your life. Becasue these moments added together write the story of you, we’ll be there to document them.

Disc Jockey

Disc Jockey

A fantastic DJ does so much more than play music. Imagine your event is a clock. Your DJ is the gear that all other gears of your celebration rotate around. Without a professional Disc Jockey keeping everyone on pace and informed, the clock freezes. We’re here to help create your Unique Memories with flair. 

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Photo Booth Rentals

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